Movie Info: The seductive Messalina (Betty Roland) will stop at nothing to become the most powerful woman in Rome. Gaining the attention of the Emperor Caligula (Gino Turini), she soon finds herself at loggerheads with Agrippina (Francoise Blanchard) who has successfully plotted Caligula’s downfall and is maneuvering her son Nero to become next Emperor of Rome. However Messalina is one step ahead and jumps into bed with Claudius (Vladimir Brajovic). But when Messalina becomes pregnant and it’s clear that Claudius isn’t the father, Agrippina seizes this as her opportunity to finally see Messalina treated as a mere slut of Rome.
Release: 1981
Cast: Vladimir Brajovic, Betty Roland, Francoise Blanchard
Duration: 155 min
Directed by: Antonio Passalia
Language: French
Country: Italy | France
Also known as: Rape Movie, Mainstream Rape, Violence Rape, Caligula and Messalina, Caligula y Mesalina, Caligula’s Perversions


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