Movie Info: In her landmark film, Sarli plays Delicia, a worker in a meat processing plant. (A real meat factory was used as a shooting location for the film, which was loosely inspired by real events). Delicia enjoys posing for her artist boyfriend (Victor Bo) and caring for her elderly grandfather until a dangerous man (Romualdo Quiroga) becomes infatuated with her beauty and decides he must have her. Sarli performs in a series of notorious rape scenes, including one staged in a meat locker on top of a carcass of beef. "Carne sobre carne!" ("Flesh on flesh!") says her attackernow an immortal line in Argentine cinema.
Release: 1968
Cast: Isabel Sarli, Victor Bo, Romualdo Quiroga
Duration: 90 min
Directed by: Armando Bo
Language: Spanish
Country: Argentina
Also known as: Rape Movie, Carne, Rape Meat


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