Movie Info: In Paris, the former priest Mathis Vogel writes pornography for a magazine. When the deranged priest watches an erotic show based on a Black Mass, he believes that the cast and audience are possessed and he goes on a murder spree to exorcise the demons of his victims.
Release: 1975
Cast: Lina Romay, Catherine Lafferiere and Jesus Franco
Duration: 95 min
Directed by: Jesus Franco
Language: English
Country: France
Also known as: Rape Movie, Leventreur de Notre-Dame, Exorcisme et messes noires, O Exorcista Diabolico, Chains and Black Leather, Nackte Haut und schwarzes Leder, Exorcisme, Experiences sexuelles au chateau des jouisseuses, Exorcism, O daimonismenos, Le viziose, Demoniac, Exorcism and Black Masses


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