Movie Info: Los Angeles is a long way away from Mississippi, but the fires are just as hot, the burning just as irritating, and Jake Walker is the only guy who can put the fire out. Walker thinks, "theres no area in the world for bias and hate." Harlen Kilpatricks destroying machine of skinheads considers, "if you arent a white American, move or die." Its one person versus an explosive evil, an additional strain of American, A Deadly Breed.
Release: 1989
Cast: William Smith, Addison Randall, Blake Bahner
Duration: 90 min
Directed by: Charles T. Kanganis
Language: English
Country: USA
Also known as: Rape Movie, Deadly Breed, Raza mortifera, Oi ektelestes, Halalos kikepzes
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, rape victim, murder, rape pregnant


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