Movie Info: Erin, a struggling actress, has little faith in men. She works for a detective agency, her job is to seduce married men and let their wives catch them in the act. But lately, Erin is been getting threatening phone calls and someone is trying to hurt her. Is it her boss, whos in-love with her? or is it a former "client" trying to get back at her? or maybe, this new man shes been seeing?
Release: 2004
Cast: Dina Meyer, Steve Bacic, Gary Hudson
Duration: 88 min
Directed by: Richard Roy
Language: English
Country: Canada | USA
Also known as: Rape Movie, Deception, Decoy, Aveuglee par lamour, To timima tis exapatisis, La preda, Nella morsa dellinganno, Megtevesztes, Deception
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, rape attempt


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