Movie Info: This is a story about a pretty psychologist (Megumi Ozawa) who is raped, murdered, and dismembered while trying to avenge the suicide of a patient who was raped by a Yakuza gangster. Buried along with the remains of a rival gangster, Ozawa somehow melds with his corpse and comes back from the grave as a hermaphrodite zombie. A bloody and sadistic revenge is ahead.
Release: 1986
Cast: Megumi Ozawa, Ayako Ishii, Seira Kitagawa
Duration: 68 min
Directed by: Kazuo Gaira Komizu
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Also known as: Rape Movie, Entrails Of The Beautiful Woman, Guts of a Beauty, Guts of a Virgin 2, Bijo no harawata
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, sexploitation, gore, murder, violence


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