Movie Info: Jaime, his wife Marta and their teenage daughter Isa move to a dream house in Madrid and they plan a family dinner to celebrate. Out of the blue, three violent hooded thieves break in their house and hold the Marta and Isa hostage while their leader goes to the bank with Jaime to withdraw money from the family bank accounts in a tragic night of terror.
Release: 2010
Cast: Fernando Cayo, Manuela Velles, Ana Wagener
Duration: 85 min
Directed by: Miguel Angel Vivas
Language: Spanish | Albanian
Country: Spain | France
Also known as: Rape Movie, Secuestrados, Horas de Medo, Kidnapped, Kidnappes, Solos en la oscuridad, Napasc, Ƞ��, Dehset evi
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, bound and gagged, gore, brutality, violence


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