Movie Info: A mysterious new priest comes to town to stay with fellow men of the cloth Erik Estrada, and Jan-Michael Vincent. Little do they know, this ferocious father possesses extraordinary martial arts skill, crucifix blades and a gold handgun with the cross on the handle. Soon, in this "bad" neighborhood, the priest begins cleaning up the local drug dealing scum-bags. Then he meets lunatic Don Stroud in the confessional, and Stroud claims to be the bloodsucking, skull stealing "vampire" serial killer ravaging the city. The priest encounters a young lass who has visions of Stroud committing his dastardly deeds, and when the vampire kidnaps her the priest speaks the words, "Open the gates of Hell! For I am the right hand of God!!!," and sets off towards his deadliest encounter yet.
Release: 1992
Cast: Jan-Michael Vincent, Erik Estrada, Jim Brown
Duration: 90 min
Directed by: Robert Rundle
Language: USA
Country: English
Also known as: Rape Movie, Divine Enforcer, Deadly Avenger, Deadly Avenger
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, serial killer, rape attempt


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