Movie Info: A womens prison on a tropical island is a hellhole where the inmates are raped, tortured and otherwise abused by the evil commandant and brutal guards. However, one of the guards falls in love with a beautiful inmate, and decides to help her and all the other prisoners escape.
Release: 1983
Cast: Udo Kier, Barbara Valentin, Tet Antiquiera
Duration: 88 min
Directed by: Kurt Raab
Language: German
Country: West Germany | Philippines
Also known as: Rape Movie, Escape from Bloody Plantation, Prison Camp Girls, Jailed for Love, La isla de las esclavas desnudas, Filippinezika pathi, Escape from Blood Plantation, The Island of the Bloody Plantation, Die Insel der blutigen Plantage
Genres : mainstream rape, rape movie, violence, whipping, torture, gang rape, rapist, exploitation, cruelty, rape attempt


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