Insight Of Evil

Insight of Evil is a ghost story about identical twin sisters. Eight months after one twin is brutaly raped and murdered, Tanya and comforting friends go to a cottage to celebrate their highschool graduation. It quickly turns into a blood bath of survival for Tanya as she unearths the truth into the long buried secret of her missing twin sister.
Name : Insight Of Evil
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Elles Etaiente Cinq

Movie Info: In Montreal, the teenagers Manon, Anne, Isa, Claudie and Sophie are friends since their childhood. While spending a couple of days in the cottage of Sophie’s parents nearby a lake, the girls decide to give a party, and Manon and Sophie hitch for a ride to the town in a jeep to buy some beers and supplies and they invite the driver to the party. On the return, the same driver stops the car and later Sophie is found stabbed, raped and covered of blood. Fifteen years later, Manon sees the guy in a car-wash and she invites her former friends to return to the house nearby the lake, where wounds of their traumatic loss are disclosed.
Release: 2004
Cast: Jacinthe Laguë, Julie Deslauriers, Ingrid Falaise
Duration: 87 min
Directed by: Ghyslaine Côté
Language: French
Country: Canada
Also known as: Rape Movie, Mainstream Rape, Violence Rape, Alptraum einer Sommernacht, The Five of Us, Elles étaient cinq
Associated with : rape victim, blood, teenage rape, rape, murder


Creepers (1985)

Movie Info: Jennifer Corvino, the daughter of a famous actor, has had trouble with sleepwalking for some time. Her doctor said that it can develop a split personality. She discovers her alternate personality when she stays at a boarding school that was once the home a Richard Wagner. But someone has been killing the students, and it relates only indirectly to the criminal sanitorium nearby
Release: 1985
Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasence, Daria Nicolodi
Directed by: Dario Argento
Language: English
Country: Italy
Also known as: Rape Movie, Mainstream Rape, Violence Rape, Creepers, Phenomena, Trepadeiras, Fainomena, Fenomina, Dario Argento’s Phenomena, Феномен


2:37 (2006)

The film begins with a suicide, and then goes back to the past to understand the cause.

“2:37” – the story of six high school students who have faced huge social issue. It all started with the fact that a student has committed a suicide. Interestingly, the person who was killed remains a mystery until the end of the film. We follow one by one for each of the six characters, but the more we learn, the more confusing it becomes the whole story.
Review: The film begins with a suicide, and then goes back to the past to understand the cause.
The life of the modern teenager can be unbearably heavy, you may have many problems – in relationships with parents, with your loved one with a teacher or peers, especially if you stand out from the majority. These problems can be unbearable, and sometimes the only solution that comes to mind is a man with unformed personality to the end – to end her life.
Despite the apparent first rather predictable outcome, after watching a movie set thinking on a different look at life’s troubles. In the end, it all can be overcome.

Release: 2006
Cast: Teresa Palmer, Frank Sweet and Sam Harris
Duration: 01:35:04
Directed by: Murali K. Thalluri
Language: English
Country: Australia
Also known as: Rape Movie, Mainstream Rape, Violence Rape, Quién muere hoy, 2:37 – Two Thirty Seven, 2:37 antistrofi metrisi, 2h37; All in a Day, Two Thirty 7
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